Adult Clinics

Adult Clinics

Our Director of Tennis, Winston Owen has put together an array of clinics to be offered at the Club throughout the year! Winston will gauge the popularity of each class and build future clinic schedules based on their successes. Please find the registration form and descriptions for these clinics at the link below. For further description details please call Winston in the Pro Shop at 941.924.6281.

Important notes:

  • Clinics grouped by level
  • Private clinics & lessons available upon request
  • Additional professionals will be assigned to clinic slots if necessary
  • Advance reservations required. To make a reservation please call the Pro Shop.
  • Clinic dates & times subject to change
Adult Weekly Tennis Clinic Schedule & Rates

(updated 1/20/2023)

Junior Tennis

Throughout the year there are 14 week sessions and 6 week mini sessions available to our juniors. In addition we offer a Summer Tennis Camp. Please see below for a description of these programs and a link to the current registration forms.

Junior Tennis Program Registration Form

Program Descriptions


Each class will emphasize hand-eye coordination, basic stroke technique, and movement skills through a series of fun games and activities.


Students will focus on sound stroke development. Match play will be introduced using the quick start format but with some adaptations based on each classes progress.


Students will continue to develop sound strokes and grips, proper footwork and basic strategy during match play. Video analysis will be introduced, as well as agility and fitness training.


My philosophy for this program is “Serious Fun”. Developing into an elite athlete is hard work; it takes many on court hours, conditioning, countless tournaments, and more. During this program, students will work on fine-tuning all aspects of the game, including World Class footwork patterns, modern stroke fundamentals, efficient strategy and mental efficiency training for match play. We will also use video analysis to assess proper technique as well as fitness and conditioning training to help develop player speed, agility and strength. Tournament travel will also be a big part of this program.


Program is design for the recreational tennis players that want to maintain their tennis skills in a more fun and social format. Students will be challenged according to their level of play.



Contact Winston Owen, Director of Tennis:
Work: (941) 924-6281 Cell: (941) 376-2190 Email:

Flex In-House Challenge


(Members Only)
Summer (Mixed) Fall (Singles) Winter (Doubles)

Play other members at your level and schedule matches at your convenience.

  • Dateline to register: Refer to registration form.
  • The Professional staff will be emailing the FLEX Challenge schedules to everyone at the beginning of each season.
  • Players are responsible for scheduling their own weekly matches by following pre-set schedule of play provided by the Field Club professional staff.
  • Matches must be played within the designated week. Scoring system is best 2 out of 3 sets. SUPER TIE-BREAK IN LIEU of 3rd SET PLAY: In a match where players or teams split sets, the match (first to 10 by 2) tie-break in lieu of a third set is preferred. A regular set might be played if both teams agreed.
  • Players must place first or second in a division to move up the next level the following season.
  • End of Season Tournament: Awards will be presented to the top 2 Players in each Division.
  • Length of the Flex Challenge will be determined by the number of players.
  • Excessive FORFEITS or NO-SHOWS may result in Flex Doubles Challenge suspension.
  • Each player brings a can of new balls to the match; winner gets the unopened can.
  • Questions should be directed to Winston Owen, Director of Tennis, 941-376-2190
  • Note: If there are not enough players at any given level, groups may be combined.

Drop-In Round Robins

The following activities will be held at The Field Club through the year:

Day Type Drop-In Event Level Time
Wednesday Ladies Ladies Night (RSVP Required) ALL 6 - 7:30 pm
Thursday Men’s Gentlemen’s Tennis 3.0-4.0         1-4:00 pm
Thursday Men’s Thursday Night Irregulars 3.0-4.0         6-8:00 pm
Saturday Men’s Gentlemen’s Tennis 3.0-4.0         1-4:00 pm
Sunday Men’s Gentlemen’s Tennis 3.0-4.0        1-4:00 pm



  • Drop-in is a “FREE” Member Service
  • All levels welcome!
  • Great way to meet new players!
  • Advanced sign-ups is not required. “Just drop in” and enjoy the game while our professional staff keeps the action rolling
  • Held on courts 3-5 (Men’s) and/or 1-2 (Ladies)
  • Doubles format, modified score and RR rotations. Singles will be played when necessary.
  • Format and schedules subject to change.

Questions? Contact Winston Owen, Director of Tennis at:
Work: (941) 924-6281 Cell: (941) 376-2190 E-mail: